Congratulations on the decision to buy a home. Isn’t it exciting? Shopping for the perfect place to call your own and knowing that there aren’t any lease agreements, issues with the landlord or the recurring feeling that you are paying someone else’s mortgage when you could be paying you own is a terrific feeling. In this article, you will learn 7 very important tips to house hunting as a couple.

Choose a location. When you buy a home with your spouse, there’s a lot to consider. What, if any, length of a commute would the two of you be comfortable with? Do you prefer the bustling city life with access to all of the amenities or would you enjoy a quiet country setting? When choosing the location of your new home, these are all important factors. In addition, price is an issue for most couples and rural areas often provide the most square footage and/or acreage for your money.

Discuss your budget. In most cases, a home is the largest investment you will make. When it comes to buying, your budget will be the single greatest determining factor in what type of home you will be able to purchase. Credit history is important, but most lenders offer programs for those with a few blemishes in their financial past. The bottom line is that your budget can make or break your dream of home ownership, so it’s a good idea to sit down as a couple and write out your monthly income and expenditures. If you currently rent, you can leave this out of the equation because you will stop renting when you buy a home and the money that you are now using to rent can be applied toward a monthly mortgage.

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